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Freezer Meals Live

Freezer Meals Live Starter Kit

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Includes items designed to get you started with Freezer Meals Live:

  • 2 Freezer Bag Holders: Holds up your bags for easy filling
  • ​4 Reusable Freezer Bags: An environmentally friendly alternative to disposable freezer bags
  • 2 Meat Claws: Easily shred your meat after cooking. Works great for roast, chicken, pork, turkey, and more!
  • ​Digital Starter Kit: Includes Freezer Meals Live Tips and Tricks Ebook and Printable Inventory List (Instant Access)

Freezer Meals Live

We’ve created a system designed for busy people who want to eat home cooked meals but don’t have the time (or mental space) to figure out how to do it. With our monthly toolkits, after only 1 hour in the kitchen, you’ll have 10 family friendly freezer meals sitting in your freezer for those busy nights that need quick and easy.